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ejotherm STR U 2G

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Universal screw-in anchor for countersunk and surface fixed installation

  • Approved for all building materials
  • Countersunk installation - EJOT STR principle with ejotherm STR cap for homogeneous surfaces and even rendering - quick and easy without milling dust
  • Reduced thermal transmission (0,001 W/K)
  • Premounted screw for quick installation
  • 100% setting control: the countersunk installation of the washer indicates safe anchorage

ejotherm STR U 2G accessories

  • ejotherm STR cap EPS
  • ejotherm STR cap MW
  • ejotherm STR plug
  • ejotherm STR-tool 2GS
  • ejotherm STR tool spare kit
  • ejotherm STR tool spare bits
  • ejotherm STR renovation cutter
  • ejotherm VT 2G

Specifications of the ejotherm STR U 2G:

Declaration of Performance
Product properties Value
Anchor diameter 8 mm
Washer diameter 60 mm
Drill hole depth, countersunk installation h1 ≥ 50 mm (90 mm)
Drill hole depth, surface fixed installation h2 ≥ 35 mm (75 mm)
Anchorage depth hef ≥ 25 mm (65 mm)
Screw drive TORX T30
Point thermal transmission countersunk installation 0,001 W/K
Point thermal transmission surface fixed installation 0,002 W/K
Use categories acc. to ETA* A, B, C, D, E
German DIBt Approval Z-21.2-1769
European Technical Approval ETA-04/0023
Values ​​in brackets: anchoring in autoclaved aerated concrete (usage category E)
*Suitable according to ÖNORM B 6124 for concrete, solid brick and perforated brick

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